About Move arts Japan, a travel site for artists

Move arts Japan とは?

Move arts Japan is a portal site that supports the mobility of artists. It provides a database of travel destinations (residence spaces) for artists on the move.
Based on the simple definition of an “artist-in-residence” as a framework that encourages artist mobility, the database consists of numerous Japan-based organizations and groups that have run artist-in-residencies for a number of years, in addition to newly established share houses and guest studios that also provide accommodation to artists.
Many residency spaces that host artists, including homestays and other such initiatives organized by individuals in the spirit of sharing, welcome artists to stay while also accomplishing new roles in relation to the creation and continuation of their respective communities.
These residence spaces, which exist in various locales throughout Japan, are venues where art is born. Developing as an archive of such spaces and their activities, Move arts Japan is a tool for artists to share their journeys and residency experiences, while also serving as a new map to find new travel destinations.
This map, constantly changing along with the movements of domestic and overseas artists who wish to travel through regional Japan, will be continually updated.

そういった日本各地のアートが生まれる現場をアーカイブするMove arts Japanは、私たちのいまいる場所を知るためのアートの地図であり、アーティストの滞在経験を共有することにより、新しい行き先を見つけるための地図でもあります。

◯Artist = Traveller = Artists of all fields, art professionals, researchers, art fans, etc.
◯Organizer = Residence spaces that include artist-in-residencies, guest studios, share houses and homestays